Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The 'Y' Factor !!

The cliché statement – Everything Happens for a Reason !! 

I usually reward back people with a sarcastic notion whenever they try to comfort me with this statement. I am not an anti-positive person but at the same time I don’t buy the alls gonna be fine, its not the end or something better is gonna happen crap.

I believe in seeing things as they are and facing the reality. It makes no sense to me to be all up & cheery when you are actually dying inside. For me its ok to cry for a while & to do all that stuff you feel like doing when you are down. It’s a part & process of healing. Hiding & burying the pain would only make things worse.

Recently I had one of those nights where sleep eludes you and your brain kinda decides to replay your whole life in a cinematic fashion. After hours of reel play I magically happened to connect the dots. As the sky slowly turned blue it dawned on to me that everything actually happened for a reason. I would not say a good one but yes one thing happened to give way to another and so on. 

Times when I was thinking life is all very rosy but things ended up in a disaster and times when disasters ended up in awesome life changing events. Well I still do stick to my realistic approach but the repulsion to the above cliché statement has been subsided.

Happy events don’t trigger the WHY question its only the mishaps which force us to dig into the WHY factor. Sooner or later we all would find out as to why something happened.

So all the meetups, breakups, moving to a new city, losing a job, missing a flight & so on - Everything will make sense someday. You would probably figure this out when you are actually not trying to figure out. Yeah sounds confusing but that’s how it works.

I would not promote positivism here but yes its all happening for a reason. Only time would tell us if its for the Good or Bad. So quit analyzing WHY with a magnifying glass. Do what you gotta do. Smile, shop, eat & party when you feel like. Cry & let out when you have to, there is no need to candy coat your feelings. Eventually you would learn to go with the flow.

Life is a choreographed dance, Get your groove on !!