Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick 23....

1- Get the closest book, go to page 18 and write the 4th line down.

    I am reading SECOND CHANCE by DANIELLE STEEL, once again.
    And here goes the line : ‘ I am sorry about the air conditioning, We’ve had brownouts all
     week. ‘ She  smiled agreeably.

2- What’s the last thing you’ve watched on TV ?
     Tom n Jerry, cant help watching it again and again.. Just love it.

 3- Without checking, guess what time it is ?
     5 past 1 (1:05 am)

4- Check, it is…
    1:11 am (not a bad guess)

5- Outside of the computer noise, what do you hear ?
    It’s raining... Can hear the down pour. And I somehow like that.

6- When you got out the last time, what did you do ?
    Had a lovely evening with my friend at Vac’s… Clicked some nice pics and the most important, relished
    my favorite egg burger. Nothing beats its taste.

7- What are you wearing ?
    Quite comfortable in my night wear.

8- Before answering this questionnaire, what were you watching ?
    I was not watching anything. Just completed the book “ Remember me”

9- Did you dream last night ?
    Yeah, well I dream a lot. My last dream was – I am at a office and I take a break, go the
    shopping  mall and shop a lot. Then I come back to office, Give a huge presentation about
    advertising a cosmetic brand.. Have no idea where I got that from... Weird huh !!!!

10- When is the last time you laughed till you cried ?
      When I was out with my friend, I was really giving out all silly expressions while she was
      trying to click pics. And she never used to say smile, just keeps on clicking.. Outcome ??
      funny pics – we were stuffing the burger in our mouths, as if its gonna vanish..

11- What is on the walls of the room you’re in ?
      Nothing except a wall clock. Somehow I never had any posters in my room.

12- Did you see something strange today ?
      Nothing as such.

13- What do you think of this questionnaire ?
      As one of my fren says – an end to blog hibernation.

14- What’s the last movie you watched ?
      Maryada ramanna… Just back from the movie. But the last movie I really loved watching was
      SALT. Women and weapon, very very intresting.

15- Should you be multimillionnaire, what’s the first thing you would buy ?
      I would go on a shopping spree. Clothes, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics, gadgets and off 
      course exquisite food. Would pamper myself with all the beauty treatments. My dream house, car,
      luxury holidays etc etc follow on later :-P and my dream vacation would be to a place  something
      like these :

 16- Tell us something about you we don’t already know :
      I am a great dancer. Fultu bollywood types. Have a love for every form of art. And quite
      good at all.
      My sun sign is LEO, just that I don’t appear to be. Be careful… Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      But at the end of the day I am a very caring and loving person. Would do anything for the
      one I love.

17- If you could change something in the world outside of culpability and politics, what would you
      change ?
      Would try to eliminate poverty (no one suffering from hunger atleast) and save environment. Even a
      small act would make a difference.

18- Do you like to dance ?
      Like ????? I love it… Seriously considering getting back into form, for all good reasons.

19- What would be your daughter’s name ?
      Shaadi tho hone do yaar.. uthna dur nahi socha ha..

20- And your son’s ?
      Refer Ans 19th

21- Did you ever think of living abroad ?
      Yeah a lot.

22- What would you want God to tell you when you’ll go through heaven’s gates ?
      Welcome, a warm welcome. And off course he has to apologize for being unfair to me. And I am
      generous enough to forgive him :) and then take me to a real heaven, where everything makes me
      happy.. Ok Bhagwaan ji pls isse seriously math lenaa.. aise hi mazzak kar rahi thi..

23- Who are the 4 next victims for this questionnaire ?
      Well I myself am Nandu’s victim :) Anyone who reads this and finds interesting.. help your
      selves :)


Friday, July 30, 2010

Monsoon is here !! Part II

Well, every season comes with its own pros and cons. So does monsoon.
Sometimes it’s a real mess. Traffic Jams.. Getting all wet and muddy, power cuts, etc etc.

Few tips to keep you going this season.

Blame it on the weather but everyone starts turning into couch potatoes. No wonder if all that flab you lost in summer does a come back. So it’s good to have a check, if you intend to get into that old pair of jeans :)

We dig in so much into junk food during this season. Compensate that with a healthy dose of food at least once in a week. Relish on vegetables and fruits, nuts. They can be fun too. Try out salads. Carrots, Cabbage, Berries, oranges, sprouts and nuts like almonds; walnuts do a great deal of good to your body and skin.

Water intake also reduces during this period. Make a note to consume adequate amount of it.
The gray cells also tend to slow down, Keep tickling them. Get acquainted with few brain teasing activities

Dressing and makeup takes a hit in this season. We need to be a little sensible while dressing and check few things before stepping out.
Girls I know, we all love baby pinks and white. But let’s keep them safe inside, I am sure you would not prefer getting them stained dirty and lose the look after a hard wash. Avoid them as much as possible, unless it all a fairy affair where you are destined to move around in cars and every place you go is a hi-fi maintenance one. Opt for bright colors. Pinks, blues, greens.. They make you look cheerful contrasting the gloomy weather. Just make sure they are not too many and too bright, florescent types.. You would end up looking like a candy jar.

Go for simple tops, minimal embroidery/design ones. Knitted tops (made of wool) are a cool option; they give you the perfect look and at the same time keep you warm. Keep the bottoms short; Capri would be the best option, But make sure you moisturize your legs :) Team up them with trendy flats. Complete the look with cool messenger bags, being hands free is so much comfortable and you can dump in as much stuff as you want. Lots of space :)

Next time your mom gives you a lecture about carrying an umbrella, don’t ignore it. Carry an umbrella or a jacket at least. You would be thanking her for sure.

Well the same dressing rules imply to men as well, But they need to be picky about colors thou. They can opt for ¾ cargos. A cool tee combined with jacket looks great. Leather is a strict no no in this season. Rain and leather simply do not mix. If you happen to wear leather jackets or shoes and caught in rain, let them dry naturally.

Coming to skin care, moisturizing is bare minimum. Go for oil free moisturizers. Oily skin damped in rain isn’t a good look. Go easy with make up. Make sure the products are water resistant.
Your tresses also need be looked after with at most care. Wash hair every alternate day, oil only during nights. Conditioning is also a must.

Last but not the least, maintain proper hygiene. May sound like a commercial but do use Antiseptic Liquid Disinfectants like Dettol or Savlon.

Hope these tips be would useful. At least few :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range

Skincare has always topped the women’s priority list. Well I can say it’s a concern for men as well these days.

Skin doesn’t stay the same every day. One day I find it dry, one day oily, other times patchy. The changing seasons, hectic lifestyle, pollution and other various factors contribute to skin damage.

Every time I visit a supermarket/cosmetic store, I gaze around the huge variety of skin care products. I nearly spend 30 mins in that section, trying to figure out which one would comfort my skin. Honestly I take a lot of care in regards to my body skin. I myself hate to see dry, patched skin. Its so difficult to choose.. Few smell good, Few moisturize well but leave skin oily, Few attract me with their so called brand name, lovely packaging and overwhelming description of goods the product would do to your skin. With changing seasons I have to opt for different product every time.

The other day I came across this unique range of products from Vaseline. It caught my eye, the very second I glanced at it.
The new Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range offers to choose from Body Lotion, Body cream, Body Butter and Body oil. To my surprise it smells delicious. It answers all my needs. I can use the same brand product in any season. Soon, I wish to shell out the old stuff from my dressing table and place this one and only beautiful, cool thing.

And it’s not heavy on the pocket. Vaseline is always priced reasonable.
With no more delay I bought it and now can’t stop smelling it :)

Well now I suggest everyone to try this one, I am sure you would love it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

 వెన్నెల వర్షం ఒకే సారి కావాలనిపిస్తుంది......

అంతలా మురిపించి మాయమరిపించగల ప్రియుడు దొరుకునా.. అసలు ఈ జగానా ఉండునా??

PS : To all telugu scholars, Ignore the grammatical mistakes if any :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My first attempt at Poetry

It must be true what poets, writers or the other creative minds say.. We work in nights.. That’s when their mind and heart churns out the master pieces. Reason I say this, I myself wrote this poem around 3:45 am.

It took me a lot of struggle, trying not to post at that hour :)
So here comes my sweet little song, straight from my heart -


Honey, The other night,
When you said Good Night…

My heart refused to say the same,
It desired you more.. such a dame..

I wish I could slide in your arms,
Fall asleep, kissed by your charms..

Ah!! So much I long for that moment,
Would my heart ever be content??

My love for you only knows to grow,
You don’t see it.. Such a sorrow..

Hold my hand once and leave it never,
I promise to stay by your side and love you forever..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monsoon is here !! Part I

Finally, relief from soaring summer heat. Must say temperatures were quite high this year or should say extremely high. Wonder what’s in store for next summer?? Well let’s save that thinking for some other time.
Right now its time to thank the rain gods and enjoy this pleasant season.

Those gloomy clouds.. Cool breeze with the scent of earth… Those first rain droplets.. Aahh!! The mere thought of it cheers up so much.. Monsoon is the favorite season for many, for different reasons.

It takes us down the memory lane.. As kids, we used to love playing in the rain.. Wearing raincoats.. Gumboots, Paper boat races.. Bunking the school.. As we grow up it moves to - Fun talks with friends at the street end café, having ½ chais.. Relishing chaat, pakodas, mirchi bajjis, hot jalebis, makka buttas.. Drenching in rain just for fun.. I remember those days of my college.. couple of us used to gather up on the terrace just to enjoy the rain, dance in the rain.. And we never had a fear of getting caught :) very few can think of that place…

For few it also brings back memories of loved ones.. Those romantic walks/drives.. Those sweet nothings..
Monsoon for sure is the season of love.. It spells magic all over and on everyone.. One can’t resist it..

Time spent on outings, trips in such a season would surely be cherished. For that matter a lovely candle light dinner at home while its raining outside is also so romantic.. Cuddling up on the couch and watch TV/Movies together..
It’s the best time to rekindle the spark.. Embrace those romantic moments..

With so much greenery around, its just so much refreshing and inspiring.. Creativity blooms for writers, poets, photographers, painters.. Our very own Bollywood has piled up some good collection of rain songs :) Few like traveling as well during this time.. I remember one of my friend mentioning the same.. The idea was to enjoy the rain while traveling in a train.. Passing by all those lovely sceneries…. Really loved that thought..

Personally, I feel nature is at its best during monsoon.
I love to watch it raining while having a hot cup of coffee/tea, listening to my fav music or reading books.. Like to drench once in a while.. Go on long drives… Not to mention, love to have all those spicy snacks.

Actually, I love the pleasent atmosphere after the rain stops... Rain washed roads, Droplets of water dripping slowly from tree leaves... Air feels much fresh and relaxing...

I also do have a weird thought – How funny would it be to go for those rides on a giant wheel or roller coaster or Columbus while drenching in rain, screaming on top of my voice :)

Well that’s it for now !! more to come in the next post.. but on a different note !!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tagged :)

1. What curse word do you use the most?
    Ah !! I really don’t use any.. Max it is Neeeeee…….. and stops there :)

 2. Do you own an iPod?
    No I don't. In love with my Motorockr .. its amazing..

3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most?
    My Jaan :)

4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?
    Yeah, Not something I would like to remember.. Gone in the Air !!

5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01?
    Yeah, I was in college.. Digesting those microbiology and chemistry lectures..

6. What was the last movie you watched?
     Pappu :( y did I gooo????

7. Has anyone ever called you lazy?
    Yeah. Get to listen this everyday :)

8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?
     Not yet !!

9. Has anyone told you a secret this week?

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
      Physically - Hands and Dressing. How clean Is he ? is what I observe. And as a person does he have common sense ??

11. What are you looking forward to?
      This weekend. Hope I get to watch 'I hate luv storys'

12. Do you own any band t-shirts?

13. What will you be doing in one hour?
       May be watch some movie..

14. Is anyone in love with you?
     Guess sooo ;)

15. Last time you cried?
     An hour ago :(

16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop?
      Desktop, love it.

17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
      Nope. Not at all .

18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos?
       Never!! Tattoos put me off!!

19. What were you doing before this?
      Waiting for the dinner to get ready !!

20. When is the last time you slept on the floor?
      Day before yesterday. Love to lie down in the hall and watch movies in on TV

21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
      Atleast 5.

22. Do you eat breakfast daily?
     Oh yes, cant miss that at all. Love the variety my Mom cooks.

I have been tagged by Nandana. If you're reading this consider yourself tagged. Yeah :) . So like Nandana , I'm going to make it easier for you to copy and paste. Hence posting the questions without my answers.

1. What curse word do you use the most?

2. Do you own an iPod?

3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most?

4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?

5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01?

6. What was the last movie you watched?

7. Has anyone ever called you lazy?

8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?

9. Has anyone told you a secret this week?

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

11. What are you looking forward to?

12. Do you own any band t-shirts?

13. What will you be doing in one hour?

14. Is anyone in love with you?

15. Last time you cried?

16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop?

17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?

18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos?

19. What were you doing before this?

20. When is the last time you slept on the floor?

21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

22. Do you eat breakfast daily?

Njoy Madi :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Women Want ???

A trillion dollar question, right ??

We can go blabbering for hours on this.. But if asked to write, summarizing & collecting all thoughts and presenting in front of everyone would surely be a tough task for me.. Let me give it my best shot..

This question has always been identified and related in terms of What women want from Men??

In this post I would go ahead with all the aspects of this question and also would enlighten the Menkind :)

Times have changed.. World has changed.. Society has changed.. For that matter Women have also changed.

But somehow the ground rules of judging a woman..  Expectations from a woman.. Remain untouched by our so called modern culture.

It is not that we always have concerns with men. Sometimes the family, relatives, friends, colleagues, frenemies do upset us to a large extent.

We are expected to be a idol wife, daughter-in-law, daughter, sister or for that matter girlfriend as well in spite of the fact that we are working as hard as men, have the same pressures in office as they experience, travel as much as they and not to mention earn as much as them.
We are expected to get back home early, Cook for the family, do the household stuff, look after kids.
Apart from all this we have to deal with the various biological crisis. It can be PMS, Pregnancy, Menopause. These add up to the mood swings.

We are in times where the country is ruled by a lady – Sonia Gandhi – Naam tho suna hi hoga :)
We are proud to have Gems like Kalpana Chawala, Sania Mirza, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Ashu Suyash, Kalpana Morparia, Indu Jain, Neelam Dhawan, Preetha Reddy and the list goes on.
Our beauties have conquered the world. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is often mentioned as the most beautiful woman in the world. Bollywood beauties like Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu , Shriya Saran have made it to the covers of Maxim, Vogue and many.


But even today a woman’s completeness is still measured by whether or not she’s ‘settled’ in life. Being hitched is all that it matters. Being single is considered to be abnormal. The above scenarios are not necessarily around the world but in few countries, specially ours. The reason for bringing up all these ?? Its necessary to know what women go through before you try to understand what they want??

But what women want is universal !! They may be housewives, students, Professionals or celebrities..

We are hyped up to be very mysterious and complicated beings. Truth ?? No we are not, pleasing us is so simple..

Love.. unconditional love.. seriously, that’s the first thing women expect. And yes we love it when it is expressed rather than being buried inside. It’s a myth that making your girlfriend/wife happy, eventually dries up men’s pocket. We are not always wooed by those twinkling stones, designer clothing, lavish dinners or luxury holidays. Yes we love gifts, but even a single rose would make our day. Few small gestures of love go up to a long way. Offering help in daily chores, Calling up in between the day just to know how we are doing and let us know that you are missing us.. pick up from office… These little things mean a lot to us. These moments would be cherished by us..

We are diehard romantics.. Unbelievable but true.. Make us a meal once in a while, long drives or even a walk in the late evenings, candle light dinners at home, a small peck on the neck while you whisper those three magical words in our ears.. Playing soft music, lighting up the room with scented candles.. A love note from you in out of the blue.. We love being pampered and love all that attention from you.

Believe me, we would just melt in your arms with one happy tear rolling down our rosy cheeks…

All these are the ways of telling us that we are ‘important to you’, you care about us, you love that we are a part of your life. And you want us, love us ‘Forever’….
And when such a man is found, not to mention how lovely our lives become. We can go gaga all over the day with our friends about that one thing you did for us. We feel proud to have you.

Respect is another key ingredient.. We seek respect from you in almost all walks of life. Respect our values, beliefs, interests, goals. Identify us as an individual. Give us the space we need. Even we love to hang out with friends. Watch movies with them, and need the ME time. It could be reading a book, practicing a hobby, music, arts. Anything which gives us, the much needed peace. Trust me we would be back with new energy and give more to the relationship.

And most important - ‘Trust‘ us. Believe me once in a relationship, she is all yours and no matter what, she would stand by your side. A guy might sweep us of the feet by his charm or mannerisms. But eventually its pure love and care which would count for us. We are very forgiving as well, tell us the truth rather than we knowing it later from some other source. It hurts.. We could forgive you for committing the worse crime but cannot digest if things are kept in dark.

Ooppss, forgot another thing – Why do men don’t ‘listen’? Please practice this. We love to share the happenings in our life. And when we are talking about problems its not that we are looking for solutions. Just listen to us, console us. Men usually, either just keep nodding heads, murmuring without paying attention to what exactly we are saying or cut off us in middle and offer some solution or bring up something else which would be quite irrelevant at that point. We want you to be our best friend, with whom we could share any damn thing on this earth.

One of the movie quotes : “ If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and you can speak Venusian, the world can be yours “

Men have a burning concern about women being possessive, jealous and refer our tears as secret weapon.
Yes we are jealous and possessive. They come out of love. It’s not OK to talk much about your ex, your so called best friend or even about the girl you just saw across the coffee table. And praising them every now and then, is a serious put off. This is interpreted as lack of trust by Men. But no, its something else, we love you too much to let you go.. We cannot imagine anything bad happening to the relation. And we want it to be about you and me, just US.

Apart from all these having a good sense of humor would be icing on the cake. Make us laugh.. Make us happy !!

We are tender, warm, loving and caring. We are also strong, independent and confident. You would get to see all faces of us. Women want love, care and respect. Make us feel special, make us feel secure.

Remember, behind those hazel eyes awaits a heart filled with love, which could be all yours. Just put in a little more effort & show how much you love her. Results would surprise you. They could go to any extent for you, trust me seriously !!

Believe me, they would make you feel as the most precious person and would make you feel top of the world. She would walk by your side till the end…

A note to fellow women – Love and support your mother, sister, friends and other fellow ladies. Even that makes a lot of difference to our lives !!

This post is in response to What women want by blogadda and the contest is sponsored by pringoo

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Emotional workout..

Its been a long time since I thought about my blog.. Guess its time to pour my heart out..

Last 10 days have been a complete emotional chaos for me.. Torn between hundreds of thoughts.. I might not have gone thru so much of thought process during past 3-4 years as much I have gone in these 10 days.

Well the reasons are quite personal to be disclosed here. But I guess I can share my feelings thou !!

A person is happy until he/she are not confused about anything or anyone. As long as you have decided about a person/situation or the outcome of a certain relationship/action, guess it doesn’t cause much harm.

But what are we suppose to do when life becomes a synonym for uncertainty. And to make it worst your past confronts you as a wild hungry tiger. For which you have no explanation and no reasoning.. And you get into a situation where you could be losing couple of relationships in spite of your honest and undying love for them. Worst part you don’t have even have single friend with whom you could share all these.. Don’t have a shoulder to cry !! Its only my pillow knows my sorrow, tears I have cried.. Sleepless nights I have spent.. that’s the only companion I had..

It took me a while to come up with a solution.. Can’t name it as a solution but a way to ensure that things don’t get worse than this. If fate wants me to part from someone, lets not be that on a bitter note.. It was then I decided to speak up the truth and only truth, quite sure about the consequences.. It would hurt others, myself badly and shut down all the doors to someone.. And which also did include losing a relationship which means life to me.. But still I gathered up all the courage I could and decided to speak up..

Speaking truth meant accepting my mistakes which I pursued knowingly or unknowingly. Toughest of them is letting your beloved know few things about them which you don’t like. Something which you have been lying.. This happens with everyone when we don’t want to hurt someone we love. We hide things and lie to them. While we purely do that for genuine reasons and only out of love.. When these are disclosed, turn out to be your worst nightmares.

Sometimes we hate few things about the one we love.. I have always kept searching for an explanation for this. When we love someone, isn’t it that we would love everything about them ?? And if hate something about them why do we still love them ??

Strange huh !! LOVE for sure is the most mysterious thing on the earth !!

Despite of all these, I went on with this. I owe to god as things did not turn out as bad as I thought…

But I am still not sure if the person at the other end has forgiven me.. Not sure if the relation means the same to them anymore.. And not sure if still there are some truths hidden in the dark.. I live in a vain hope that all this happened only for good.. and I am still in the good books of the other person.. And someday would have the happiness I dreamt for.. May be this is called as SOUL SEARCHING by great people (philosophical)

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you..” This might not totally imply to me but does partially..

Now.. I only aim to be more thoughtful and grateful for this gift (Few relations) god has given me.. Its nothing less than a OASIS in a dreadful desert.. This sure is a tough task for me as I require to change the entire thought process.. I need to become someone who I was exactly 6 years ago.. Its nearly close to reincarnation.. But my beliefs and ground values would always remain the same.. and I hope GOD would not leave me alone thru this.. Do I get to see the sunshine this time ????

Zindagi jab dusara mauka dethi ha – Sabse jaruri ha apne aapko apnana, maaf karna aur wo khoya hua vishwas pana..

Asha ha ki kisi ek din ye sab baatein , jo maine yaha kahi ha .. kisiki madad karengi.. kiska hausala badhayegi !!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend mood continues..

Its Monday or should I say Tuesday as its 12 past :) but the weekend continues for me.. Watching a movie on weekday is such a cool experience.. No need to stand in long awaiting queues or advance booking.. no parking hassles… Sometimes for a change I watch movies in the normal theaters near our home rather than multiplexes..

“Rama Rama Krishna Krishna” is quite a predictable flick.. Ram is once again portrayed as one super intelligent guy who keeps playing tricks to get the things done. Priya Anand and Bindu Madhavi don’t have much to do as usual. All in all a typical masala film. It has been a while I watched some good movie. I was totally about to give up on them.. But ‘Badmaash Company’ and ‘Darling’ came to rescue and restored my faith in movies to an extent :)

Weekend was quite a calm one. Saturday I ended up strolling in City Center mall and dinner at Moksh ( Necklace Road). I visited that place for the first time. To my surprise it was much more pleasant than I thought.

Moksh welcomes you with a mini garden, small fountain and beautifully lit marble and wood sit out. The interiors are also tastefully done. Service was quick and food tasted perfect. Each flavor was quite balanced. The cost as well was comparatively reasonable. They also do have a roof top buffet. Considering the hot climate we decided not to opt for that. Give it a shot.. Its worth it..

Here is a quick glimpse of the interior:

Sunday I dedicated my self to home :) Complete rest.. It was a mini chaos in the afternoon when wind started blowing fiercely accompanied with unexpected heavy shower. Everything at home got covered in piles on dust. Took us 1 hr to clean the stuff. The after effect was quite a night mare. No power for 3 hours. With such a humid climate I was sweating like hell. In the night I watched TV till quite late night. I was watching ‘De Thaalli’ , its not a big hit but some how I find this one quite a timepass.. Just because of Ritesh :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

15th May 2010 - My first post..

I registered this blog quite a while ago. But wonder why I took so much time to start writing. I was not sure where to begin.
Last night a casual chat with a friend of mine inspired me to start blogging.. May be that was what I needed.. A wake up call…

When I went to bed last night.. I was thinking what I would be writing in the blog. Thoughts, sentences, words were running thru my mind.. but it didn’t last long.. The weather outside was so pleasant.. It was drizzling and as the cool breeze kissed me I fell asleep.. Soon I was lost in my dreamy world :)

Woke up quite late.. well that’s what weekends are meant for. Took my own sweet time to get out of bed..
Ran thru newspaper headlines and the entertainment page while waiting for hot puris.. They were yummy.. Mom is a awesome cook.. That’s one of the reasons why I can’t be on diet for a longer period :)

Turned on my PC to check mails and see how am I doing on few games.. But no luck.. Internet was down.. So finally moved out of my room.. Switched on the TV.. only to find my fav movie on Max.. ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno ‘ I just love that movie.. But hate the long ad breaks.. I forgot about the internet :)

It 4 past in the evening now.. Wonder how the temperature has gone down suddenly and I see some rainy clouds in the sky.. Looking forward for a nice evening and a nice weekend too.. Hope to watch some movie or may be catch up with a fren over a coffee..

C ya sooon…..