Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My first attempt at Poetry

It must be true what poets, writers or the other creative minds say.. We work in nights.. That’s when their mind and heart churns out the master pieces. Reason I say this, I myself wrote this poem around 3:45 am.

It took me a lot of struggle, trying not to post at that hour :)
So here comes my sweet little song, straight from my heart -


Honey, The other night,
When you said Good Night…

My heart refused to say the same,
It desired you more.. such a dame..

I wish I could slide in your arms,
Fall asleep, kissed by your charms..

Ah!! So much I long for that moment,
Would my heart ever be content??

My love for you only knows to grow,
You don’t see it.. Such a sorrow..

Hold my hand once and leave it never,
I promise to stay by your side and love you forever..


  1. offooo...... gud gud.. poem bagundi ra..... guess u have wasted u r writing skills innallu......

  2. Thank u... glad to have ur comment..

  3. Beautifully written Manju...I'm sure the person you wrote it for is lucky :)

  4. Thank u Nandu.. thanks for taking time and reading.. yeah for sure he is :) usually ladke likthe ha.. yeha tho ulta ha :-P

  5. He he... As I always say, the person u wrote it for have a female heart dear... ;) (lol, now dont beat me you both) So, You have to write instead of him... :P

    But i just loved it dear... sweet, short but heart felt... :)

  6. Thanks Swetha.. it was really straight from my heart and the words came instantly to me.. Not sure how could I write at that hour or why did I?? :)

  7. I am surprised on how can one possess so many skills...... Awesome...

    1. Hey Sujana not sure how I missed this comment.. I m flattered :)