Monday, July 5, 2010

Monsoon is here !! Part I

Finally, relief from soaring summer heat. Must say temperatures were quite high this year or should say extremely high. Wonder what’s in store for next summer?? Well let’s save that thinking for some other time.
Right now its time to thank the rain gods and enjoy this pleasant season.

Those gloomy clouds.. Cool breeze with the scent of earth… Those first rain droplets.. Aahh!! The mere thought of it cheers up so much.. Monsoon is the favorite season for many, for different reasons.

It takes us down the memory lane.. As kids, we used to love playing in the rain.. Wearing raincoats.. Gumboots, Paper boat races.. Bunking the school.. As we grow up it moves to - Fun talks with friends at the street end café, having ½ chais.. Relishing chaat, pakodas, mirchi bajjis, hot jalebis, makka buttas.. Drenching in rain just for fun.. I remember those days of my college.. couple of us used to gather up on the terrace just to enjoy the rain, dance in the rain.. And we never had a fear of getting caught :) very few can think of that place…

For few it also brings back memories of loved ones.. Those romantic walks/drives.. Those sweet nothings..
Monsoon for sure is the season of love.. It spells magic all over and on everyone.. One can’t resist it..

Time spent on outings, trips in such a season would surely be cherished. For that matter a lovely candle light dinner at home while its raining outside is also so romantic.. Cuddling up on the couch and watch TV/Movies together..
It’s the best time to rekindle the spark.. Embrace those romantic moments..

With so much greenery around, its just so much refreshing and inspiring.. Creativity blooms for writers, poets, photographers, painters.. Our very own Bollywood has piled up some good collection of rain songs :) Few like traveling as well during this time.. I remember one of my friend mentioning the same.. The idea was to enjoy the rain while traveling in a train.. Passing by all those lovely sceneries…. Really loved that thought..

Personally, I feel nature is at its best during monsoon.
I love to watch it raining while having a hot cup of coffee/tea, listening to my fav music or reading books.. Like to drench once in a while.. Go on long drives… Not to mention, love to have all those spicy snacks.

Actually, I love the pleasent atmosphere after the rain stops... Rain washed roads, Droplets of water dripping slowly from tree leaves... Air feels much fresh and relaxing...

I also do have a weird thought – How funny would it be to go for those rides on a giant wheel or roller coaster or Columbus while drenching in rain, screaming on top of my voice :)

Well that’s it for now !! more to come in the next post.. but on a different note !!


  1. There's a particularly fee-good emotion in your Its very exciting and magical!! Keep it up!!

  2. Ahh... feel gud after seeing ur comments :) more to come on monsoon.. but something diff :-P