Monday, July 19, 2010

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range

Skincare has always topped the women’s priority list. Well I can say it’s a concern for men as well these days.

Skin doesn’t stay the same every day. One day I find it dry, one day oily, other times patchy. The changing seasons, hectic lifestyle, pollution and other various factors contribute to skin damage.

Every time I visit a supermarket/cosmetic store, I gaze around the huge variety of skin care products. I nearly spend 30 mins in that section, trying to figure out which one would comfort my skin. Honestly I take a lot of care in regards to my body skin. I myself hate to see dry, patched skin. Its so difficult to choose.. Few smell good, Few moisturize well but leave skin oily, Few attract me with their so called brand name, lovely packaging and overwhelming description of goods the product would do to your skin. With changing seasons I have to opt for different product every time.

The other day I came across this unique range of products from Vaseline. It caught my eye, the very second I glanced at it.
The new Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range offers to choose from Body Lotion, Body cream, Body Butter and Body oil. To my surprise it smells delicious. It answers all my needs. I can use the same brand product in any season. Soon, I wish to shell out the old stuff from my dressing table and place this one and only beautiful, cool thing.

And it’s not heavy on the pocket. Vaseline is always priced reasonable.
With no more delay I bought it and now can’t stop smelling it :)

Well now I suggest everyone to try this one, I am sure you would love it.


  1. OH wow. Exactly. Not every cream does justice to smell, the way it works and all. Good I
    'm dying to buy it :P

  2. Yeah... true.. Try it... hope we could start finding it in all the supermarkets.. few dont have..

  3. Healthy white is the best one :-)

  4. Ok Mr Whity White :) Keep using it.. as long as its Vaseline.. no issues :-P