Friday, July 30, 2010

Monsoon is here !! Part II

Well, every season comes with its own pros and cons. So does monsoon.
Sometimes it’s a real mess. Traffic Jams.. Getting all wet and muddy, power cuts, etc etc.

Few tips to keep you going this season.

Blame it on the weather but everyone starts turning into couch potatoes. No wonder if all that flab you lost in summer does a come back. So it’s good to have a check, if you intend to get into that old pair of jeans :)

We dig in so much into junk food during this season. Compensate that with a healthy dose of food at least once in a week. Relish on vegetables and fruits, nuts. They can be fun too. Try out salads. Carrots, Cabbage, Berries, oranges, sprouts and nuts like almonds; walnuts do a great deal of good to your body and skin.

Water intake also reduces during this period. Make a note to consume adequate amount of it.
The gray cells also tend to slow down, Keep tickling them. Get acquainted with few brain teasing activities

Dressing and makeup takes a hit in this season. We need to be a little sensible while dressing and check few things before stepping out.
Girls I know, we all love baby pinks and white. But let’s keep them safe inside, I am sure you would not prefer getting them stained dirty and lose the look after a hard wash. Avoid them as much as possible, unless it all a fairy affair where you are destined to move around in cars and every place you go is a hi-fi maintenance one. Opt for bright colors. Pinks, blues, greens.. They make you look cheerful contrasting the gloomy weather. Just make sure they are not too many and too bright, florescent types.. You would end up looking like a candy jar.

Go for simple tops, minimal embroidery/design ones. Knitted tops (made of wool) are a cool option; they give you the perfect look and at the same time keep you warm. Keep the bottoms short; Capri would be the best option, But make sure you moisturize your legs :) Team up them with trendy flats. Complete the look with cool messenger bags, being hands free is so much comfortable and you can dump in as much stuff as you want. Lots of space :)

Next time your mom gives you a lecture about carrying an umbrella, don’t ignore it. Carry an umbrella or a jacket at least. You would be thanking her for sure.

Well the same dressing rules imply to men as well, But they need to be picky about colors thou. They can opt for ¾ cargos. A cool tee combined with jacket looks great. Leather is a strict no no in this season. Rain and leather simply do not mix. If you happen to wear leather jackets or shoes and caught in rain, let them dry naturally.

Coming to skin care, moisturizing is bare minimum. Go for oil free moisturizers. Oily skin damped in rain isn’t a good look. Go easy with make up. Make sure the products are water resistant.
Your tresses also need be looked after with at most care. Wash hair every alternate day, oil only during nights. Conditioning is also a must.

Last but not the least, maintain proper hygiene. May sound like a commercial but do use Antiseptic Liquid Disinfectants like Dettol or Savlon.

Hope these tips be would useful. At least few :)


  1. @ Swetha : Thanks ra..
    @ Vineela : Your first comment :) thanks for sparing time..

  2. Great tips dear... and nice choice of words :)
    Do one post on hair care. am waiting :)

  3. Thank u Nandu.. Would surely write abt hair care dear.. much needed one.. more than skin care..

  4. Comment: nice post are gud... ala fruits anni kanapadthu unte subbaramga thinta nenu kani undavabba maa intlo ala....

    Compliant: guys also need tips for rainy season maa.... abbailem papam chesaru.

    Request: Hair care Hair care Hair care Hair care

  5. @Mahesh : Thank u for the comment... konuko fruits mari.. and Abt the complaint - health tips were for all.. and abbayalaki kuda rasa kada.. and Your request would be taken care soon :)