Monday, March 17, 2014

Queen - Rani

Note :  I aint giving away the story :)

One word  - Fantabulous !!

Kangana Ranaut stands out, Undoubtedly.  She has portrayed the character of Rani with so much ease. You just can’t take away your eyes off the screen, even for a minute.

From the typical Punjabi household spirit to the enchanting Europe  - The Director has got everything right. The undying trail of comedy and natural moments keep you glued to the screen.

All the supporting actors are also very convincing. Be it the carefree, live in the moment girl VJ (Played by Lisa Hayden) or around the world roomies. Even the bad guy Vijay (Played by Rajkummar Rao) makes us hate him.


Music is apt.  Every song suits the mood and seems like a part of the story rather than being squeezed in. Cinematography needs a special mention. Make-up or should I say no make-up look of Kangana is very refreshing.

What I learnt - Its life, Things go wrong. Buck up and help yourselves. You will always find friends and family along your side. No matter where the people are from, all of us experience the same emotions. Respect yourself enough to know that some people do not deserve a second chance.
Explore the unknown and Live a little !!