Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick 23....

1- Get the closest book, go to page 18 and write the 4th line down.

    I am reading SECOND CHANCE by DANIELLE STEEL, once again.
    And here goes the line : ‘ I am sorry about the air conditioning, We’ve had brownouts all
     week. ‘ She  smiled agreeably.

2- What’s the last thing you’ve watched on TV ?
     Tom n Jerry, cant help watching it again and again.. Just love it.

 3- Without checking, guess what time it is ?
     5 past 1 (1:05 am)

4- Check, it is…
    1:11 am (not a bad guess)

5- Outside of the computer noise, what do you hear ?
    It’s raining... Can hear the down pour. And I somehow like that.

6- When you got out the last time, what did you do ?
    Had a lovely evening with my friend at Vac’s… Clicked some nice pics and the most important, relished
    my favorite egg burger. Nothing beats its taste.

7- What are you wearing ?
    Quite comfortable in my night wear.

8- Before answering this questionnaire, what were you watching ?
    I was not watching anything. Just completed the book “ Remember me”

9- Did you dream last night ?
    Yeah, well I dream a lot. My last dream was – I am at a office and I take a break, go the
    shopping  mall and shop a lot. Then I come back to office, Give a huge presentation about
    advertising a cosmetic brand.. Have no idea where I got that from... Weird huh !!!!

10- When is the last time you laughed till you cried ?
      When I was out with my friend, I was really giving out all silly expressions while she was
      trying to click pics. And she never used to say smile, just keeps on clicking.. Outcome ??
      funny pics – we were stuffing the burger in our mouths, as if its gonna vanish..

11- What is on the walls of the room you’re in ?
      Nothing except a wall clock. Somehow I never had any posters in my room.

12- Did you see something strange today ?
      Nothing as such.

13- What do you think of this questionnaire ?
      As one of my fren says – an end to blog hibernation.

14- What’s the last movie you watched ?
      Maryada ramanna… Just back from the movie. But the last movie I really loved watching was
      SALT. Women and weapon, very very intresting.

15- Should you be multimillionnaire, what’s the first thing you would buy ?
      I would go on a shopping spree. Clothes, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics, gadgets and off 
      course exquisite food. Would pamper myself with all the beauty treatments. My dream house, car,
      luxury holidays etc etc follow on later :-P and my dream vacation would be to a place  something
      like these :

 16- Tell us something about you we don’t already know :
      I am a great dancer. Fultu bollywood types. Have a love for every form of art. And quite
      good at all.
      My sun sign is LEO, just that I don’t appear to be. Be careful… Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      But at the end of the day I am a very caring and loving person. Would do anything for the
      one I love.

17- If you could change something in the world outside of culpability and politics, what would you
      change ?
      Would try to eliminate poverty (no one suffering from hunger atleast) and save environment. Even a
      small act would make a difference.

18- Do you like to dance ?
      Like ????? I love it… Seriously considering getting back into form, for all good reasons.

19- What would be your daughter’s name ?
      Shaadi tho hone do yaar.. uthna dur nahi socha ha..

20- And your son’s ?
      Refer Ans 19th

21- Did you ever think of living abroad ?
      Yeah a lot.

22- What would you want God to tell you when you’ll go through heaven’s gates ?
      Welcome, a warm welcome. And off course he has to apologize for being unfair to me. And I am
      generous enough to forgive him :) and then take me to a real heaven, where everything makes me
      happy.. Ok Bhagwaan ji pls isse seriously math lenaa.. aise hi mazzak kar rahi thi..

23- Who are the 4 next victims for this questionnaire ?
      Well I myself am Nandu’s victim :) Anyone who reads this and finds interesting.. help your
      selves :)


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