Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Women Want ???

A trillion dollar question, right ??

We can go blabbering for hours on this.. But if asked to write, summarizing & collecting all thoughts and presenting in front of everyone would surely be a tough task for me.. Let me give it my best shot..

This question has always been identified and related in terms of What women want from Men??

In this post I would go ahead with all the aspects of this question and also would enlighten the Menkind :)

Times have changed.. World has changed.. Society has changed.. For that matter Women have also changed.

But somehow the ground rules of judging a woman..  Expectations from a woman.. Remain untouched by our so called modern culture.

It is not that we always have concerns with men. Sometimes the family, relatives, friends, colleagues, frenemies do upset us to a large extent.

We are expected to be a idol wife, daughter-in-law, daughter, sister or for that matter girlfriend as well in spite of the fact that we are working as hard as men, have the same pressures in office as they experience, travel as much as they and not to mention earn as much as them.
We are expected to get back home early, Cook for the family, do the household stuff, look after kids.
Apart from all this we have to deal with the various biological crisis. It can be PMS, Pregnancy, Menopause. These add up to the mood swings.

We are in times where the country is ruled by a lady – Sonia Gandhi – Naam tho suna hi hoga :)
We are proud to have Gems like Kalpana Chawala, Sania Mirza, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Ashu Suyash, Kalpana Morparia, Indu Jain, Neelam Dhawan, Preetha Reddy and the list goes on.
Our beauties have conquered the world. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is often mentioned as the most beautiful woman in the world. Bollywood beauties like Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu , Shriya Saran have made it to the covers of Maxim, Vogue and many.


But even today a woman’s completeness is still measured by whether or not she’s ‘settled’ in life. Being hitched is all that it matters. Being single is considered to be abnormal. The above scenarios are not necessarily around the world but in few countries, specially ours. The reason for bringing up all these ?? Its necessary to know what women go through before you try to understand what they want??

But what women want is universal !! They may be housewives, students, Professionals or celebrities..

We are hyped up to be very mysterious and complicated beings. Truth ?? No we are not, pleasing us is so simple..

Love.. unconditional love.. seriously, that’s the first thing women expect. And yes we love it when it is expressed rather than being buried inside. It’s a myth that making your girlfriend/wife happy, eventually dries up men’s pocket. We are not always wooed by those twinkling stones, designer clothing, lavish dinners or luxury holidays. Yes we love gifts, but even a single rose would make our day. Few small gestures of love go up to a long way. Offering help in daily chores, Calling up in between the day just to know how we are doing and let us know that you are missing us.. pick up from office… These little things mean a lot to us. These moments would be cherished by us..

We are diehard romantics.. Unbelievable but true.. Make us a meal once in a while, long drives or even a walk in the late evenings, candle light dinners at home, a small peck on the neck while you whisper those three magical words in our ears.. Playing soft music, lighting up the room with scented candles.. A love note from you in out of the blue.. We love being pampered and love all that attention from you.

Believe me, we would just melt in your arms with one happy tear rolling down our rosy cheeks…

All these are the ways of telling us that we are ‘important to you’, you care about us, you love that we are a part of your life. And you want us, love us ‘Forever’….
And when such a man is found, not to mention how lovely our lives become. We can go gaga all over the day with our friends about that one thing you did for us. We feel proud to have you.

Respect is another key ingredient.. We seek respect from you in almost all walks of life. Respect our values, beliefs, interests, goals. Identify us as an individual. Give us the space we need. Even we love to hang out with friends. Watch movies with them, and need the ME time. It could be reading a book, practicing a hobby, music, arts. Anything which gives us, the much needed peace. Trust me we would be back with new energy and give more to the relationship.

And most important - ‘Trust‘ us. Believe me once in a relationship, she is all yours and no matter what, she would stand by your side. A guy might sweep us of the feet by his charm or mannerisms. But eventually its pure love and care which would count for us. We are very forgiving as well, tell us the truth rather than we knowing it later from some other source. It hurts.. We could forgive you for committing the worse crime but cannot digest if things are kept in dark.

Ooppss, forgot another thing – Why do men don’t ‘listen’? Please practice this. We love to share the happenings in our life. And when we are talking about problems its not that we are looking for solutions. Just listen to us, console us. Men usually, either just keep nodding heads, murmuring without paying attention to what exactly we are saying or cut off us in middle and offer some solution or bring up something else which would be quite irrelevant at that point. We want you to be our best friend, with whom we could share any damn thing on this earth.

One of the movie quotes : “ If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and you can speak Venusian, the world can be yours “

Men have a burning concern about women being possessive, jealous and refer our tears as secret weapon.
Yes we are jealous and possessive. They come out of love. It’s not OK to talk much about your ex, your so called best friend or even about the girl you just saw across the coffee table. And praising them every now and then, is a serious put off. This is interpreted as lack of trust by Men. But no, its something else, we love you too much to let you go.. We cannot imagine anything bad happening to the relation. And we want it to be about you and me, just US.

Apart from all these having a good sense of humor would be icing on the cake. Make us laugh.. Make us happy !!

We are tender, warm, loving and caring. We are also strong, independent and confident. You would get to see all faces of us. Women want love, care and respect. Make us feel special, make us feel secure.

Remember, behind those hazel eyes awaits a heart filled with love, which could be all yours. Just put in a little more effort & show how much you love her. Results would surprise you. They could go to any extent for you, trust me seriously !!

Believe me, they would make you feel as the most precious person and would make you feel top of the world. She would walk by your side till the end…

A note to fellow women – Love and support your mother, sister, friends and other fellow ladies. Even that makes a lot of difference to our lives !!

This post is in response to What women want by blogadda and the contest is sponsored by pringoo


  1. Nice one !!
    Essentially all we ever want is love, simple yet elusive na..this love??

  2. Thanks for sparing time and reading dear.. Love is as mysterious as women :) Hope all these posts make atleast few men realize what women want :)

  3. Hmm I know who the main recepient of this post is!! :) Did it reach there?

  4. Well not really.. it was in general for all men.. Most of them need it.. and for that question ?? check with the recepient :) hope it gets into their minds and hearts... and I see some results :-P Ab ithna lamba chauda likhane ka kuch tho phal mile mujhe :)