Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend mood continues..

Its Monday or should I say Tuesday as its 12 past :) but the weekend continues for me.. Watching a movie on weekday is such a cool experience.. No need to stand in long awaiting queues or advance booking.. no parking hassles… Sometimes for a change I watch movies in the normal theaters near our home rather than multiplexes..

“Rama Rama Krishna Krishna” is quite a predictable flick.. Ram is once again portrayed as one super intelligent guy who keeps playing tricks to get the things done. Priya Anand and Bindu Madhavi don’t have much to do as usual. All in all a typical masala film. It has been a while I watched some good movie. I was totally about to give up on them.. But ‘Badmaash Company’ and ‘Darling’ came to rescue and restored my faith in movies to an extent :)

Weekend was quite a calm one. Saturday I ended up strolling in City Center mall and dinner at Moksh ( Necklace Road). I visited that place for the first time. To my surprise it was much more pleasant than I thought.

Moksh welcomes you with a mini garden, small fountain and beautifully lit marble and wood sit out. The interiors are also tastefully done. Service was quick and food tasted perfect. Each flavor was quite balanced. The cost as well was comparatively reasonable. They also do have a roof top buffet. Considering the hot climate we decided not to opt for that. Give it a shot.. Its worth it..

Here is a quick glimpse of the interior:

Sunday I dedicated my self to home :) Complete rest.. It was a mini chaos in the afternoon when wind started blowing fiercely accompanied with unexpected heavy shower. Everything at home got covered in piles on dust. Took us 1 hr to clean the stuff. The after effect was quite a night mare. No power for 3 hours. With such a humid climate I was sweating like hell. In the night I watched TV till quite late night. I was watching ‘De Thaalli’ , its not a big hit but some how I find this one quite a timepass.. Just because of Ritesh :)

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  1. Wow...I'm definitely trying out Moksh. Looks fab :)
    I love Riteish too :) :)