Saturday, May 15, 2010

15th May 2010 - My first post..

I registered this blog quite a while ago. But wonder why I took so much time to start writing. I was not sure where to begin.
Last night a casual chat with a friend of mine inspired me to start blogging.. May be that was what I needed.. A wake up call…

When I went to bed last night.. I was thinking what I would be writing in the blog. Thoughts, sentences, words were running thru my mind.. but it didn’t last long.. The weather outside was so pleasant.. It was drizzling and as the cool breeze kissed me I fell asleep.. Soon I was lost in my dreamy world :)

Woke up quite late.. well that’s what weekends are meant for. Took my own sweet time to get out of bed..
Ran thru newspaper headlines and the entertainment page while waiting for hot puris.. They were yummy.. Mom is a awesome cook.. That’s one of the reasons why I can’t be on diet for a longer period :)

Turned on my PC to check mails and see how am I doing on few games.. But no luck.. Internet was down.. So finally moved out of my room.. Switched on the TV.. only to find my fav movie on Max.. ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno ‘ I just love that movie.. But hate the long ad breaks.. I forgot about the internet :)

It 4 past in the evening now.. Wonder how the temperature has gone down suddenly and I see some rainy clouds in the sky.. Looking forward for a nice evening and a nice weekend too.. Hope to watch some movie or may be catch up with a fren over a coffee..

C ya sooon…..

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  1. Sweet darling ... :)
    Ab to tumhe koi nai rokh sakta..lage raho jaanemann