Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Candid Evenings !!

I have been living alone for couple of years now and kinda developed a liking for solitude. The convenience of being alone or hanging out with friends at any time and as I want is pretty addictive.

This fall I had to move back home. Moving back was a big change for me. Though I am delighted about homemade food & company of family, I miss the ME time.

It all started around a month back when one day I agreed to help Mom with the laundry and reluctantly climbed 3 flights of stairs leading to the terrace where we dry the clothes.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the view. Quite a few pigeons were relaxing around. And the sunset view was mesmerizing.  I spent close to half an hour that day discovering the various benefits of doing the daily chore of laundry – The sunset hill, Kids playing in the street,  Various birds flying across the greyish-orange sky, View of a Temple and a Church, Train Whistles, Market across the street, Cool breeze. A 360°view of greenery and so much more. I became a regular :)

Sometimes I forget that I am a photographer. It took me a week or so to realize that my terrace is a potential spot to practice my photography skills. I have been carrying my camera to the terrace every now and then. It’s the same place but every time I visit I get to see something new and have been trying to capture the scenic view.

My Clicks from the Evenings I spend at the Terrace.

Somehow I have started looking forward to evenings.  Its more like playing hide n seek with the pigeons as I try to capture their moments, I felt they were playing hard to get :P Later I just sit there and watch the sun go down. The whole sunset experience – only gets better n beautiful everyday.

Recent times have been similar to the middle of nowhere situations. Within this life of chaos these few moments of joy & peace have really cheered me up day after day.


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    1. Surprised to see you comment :) Thank u Girish..

  2. nicee :) i second the above comment...it was truly refreshing...wish you had written some more...keep @ it...the writing and the clicking

    1. Rachna Nair - Is that u ?? If so I m glad to know that u read my blog :)

  3. An artist always have a creative eye,no matter where you go..

    1. Oh god !! U finally found sum time to read.. Thank u Krish :)